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What's the smallest composting toilet you can get?

You may have just recently moved into a home that has a little less room than you’re used to or perhaps you’ve decided that simplifying your life and moving into a tiny home is a way to declutter your life. Perhaps you just have an extra tiny bathroom.

Whatever the reason you’re looking for a small toilet for a small bathroom, we’ve got you covered. We have a range of compact composting toilets for small bathrooms that will suit a range of different sizes and styles.

Let’s review our range of small composting toilets.

The Nature Loo Mini

This amazing little unit not only looks great but is easy to install. It’s got all the features of larger units without taking up a lot of room so if you’ve got a home with a small bathroom this might just be the right compact composting toilet for you.

This remarkable little waterless toilet system uses a low wattage ventilation fan that can be hooked up to solar or mains power which pulls air through the system to dehydrate solids.

Sterile urine is kept separate from the solids and is directed into a small bathtub sized gravel absorption trench (or can be collected and diluted and used as a fertilizer). This style of waterless toilet using bio bags is common in Europe and America.

57 cm L x 47cm W x 55cm H

2-3 people on a permanent basis


The CM2 White with Chamber Screen Complete System

By far one of our most popular small toilet designs. Whilst slightly larger than the Nature Loo Mini it’s still a system that will suit a smaller home, apartment or holiday home. Capable of being used by two people full time or four people part-time, it’s a unit that’s easy to install and will look great pretty much anywhere.

Height = 50cm Width = 39.5cm Depth = 62cm

2 people full time 4 people part-time. More composting chambers can be purchased to increase capacity usage.


The Nature Loo Classic 650 

This neat little split system composting toilet is perfect for 1 person full time or 2 people part-time. The ideal solution for a holiday home or bungalow – its split system design means you will need some space underneath the area your toilet is being installed.

One of the most cost-effective split systems on the market today, the Nature Loo Classic 650 is a very popular model.

Height = 2 x composting chambers 【630 (740 incl. handles) mm W x 450mm H 】- Clearance below floor: ↕ 450mm

1 Person fulltime or 2 people part-time

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Ecoflo was the first company in Australia to sell composting toilets certified to the rigorous quality testing of Australian Standards. If you want to be certain your composting toilet has adequate capacity and is safe, you need a waterless composting toilet certified to the tough performance criteria of AS/NZS 1546.2:2008.

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